Unity College

Unity College is an independent special needs school which promotes the potential of learners through the provision of high quality education in order to equip each learner with knowledge and skills to become productive, integrated members of society.Most of our learners have some learning difficulties or developmental delay, making Unity College ideal for the learner who has experienced academic difficulties in a mainstream or remedial school but is sufficiently able to access our specialised curriculum offering. We follow a three pronged approach to our curriculum:


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We are a registered LSEN Preparatory School, GDE Reg: 700400348, and can accommodate a maximum of 59 pupils ranging in age from 4 years turning 5 years to 18 years of age. We do not work in Grades as our pupils levels differ in each subject. We have a separate premises for our Junior and Senior phase. Our children have varied “labels” that have been attached to them by outside sources.




Hi Friends of Pathways Roodepoort,
At our Centre we provide our children with carefully planned opportunities to reach their highest potential. It is extremely exciting to witness their progress and share with them their experience of joy through interaction! Each child receives one-on-one attention through the implementation of the unique, holistic program we create around their special needs. With Love and Respect, Understanding and Compassion, Pathways Roodepoort is a haven for them to thrive!