Mark Howard

Mark was born on the 14th October 2005 and diagnosed with Transient neonatal Myasthenia Gravis soon after he was born, after a long hard and emotional struggle and 109 days in ICU little Mark finally came home, unbeknown to us his parents, the struggle was far from over. Around the age of 4 Mark had genetic tests done and was found to have a duplication of his X Chromosome which we now know can lead to learning difficulties, he is currently having Speech therapy and we are investigating the possibility of apraxia. Given that Mark is unable to speak although he is very capable of making a lot of noise it becomes very challenging both for him and his family to understand each other when it comes to his wants and needs.

Mark is a very bright little boy and is very numerically minded be it numbers on a sign or his Mathematics homework anything with a number and Mark is in his element, Mark is willing to attempt any task that may be asked of him from fetching something from the fridge to helping his Mom in the garden or even giving his Dad a hand washing the car.  Mark is a cheerful little boy drawn to the technological side of life be it a computer or a radio controlled car and always welcomes new challenges whatever it may be.

Mark currently learning sign language and given time this will improve day by day with the help of his teachers and the use of signing at home.  We are all hopeful that one day Mark will be able to communicate with the rest of us on a level that we can all understand.

Sipho Masengiimage

Sipho Was born on the 3rd November 2007 with Global developmental delays. We started noticing the Sipho was not reaching his milestones and therefore we took him to doctors for assessments. Later he was diagnosed with ADHD causing him to struggle with his everyday environment. He struggles to communicate and needs constant assistants to go to the bathroom as well as feeding himself. He is thriving in a stimulating environment where he is learning to communicate through technology


Alex Stephensalex

Alex had an unfortunate accident where he fell into a swimming pool and was starved of oxygen. Alex now has Cerebral Palsy which causes him to need constant support in all his actions. Alex is unable to sit unaided, eat without constant support, but still needs love. He is a little boy with an enquiring mind that loves the support and stimulation that he receives from his school. Alex also has visual delay there for all his interaction is with hands on support. Alex needs to be taught what something feels or sounds like rather than relying on his visual perception.