What We Do


In this age of endless budget cuts and inadequately funded schools, the role in children’s education is more important than ever. You cannot just sit back and let someone else be responsible for providing your child with the tools they need to learn. You can and should take an active role in your child’s education.

For a parent of a special needs child this is an overwhelming task to deal with. Realizing to what extent a special needs child is going to have on their lives, the stress of worrying about school fees shouldn’t have to be one of them!

At Dream Star Foundation we host and partake in sporting and fundraising events, raising awareness throughout the community and funds which enable us to assist families with special needs children. Those who’s children are in specialized schools that are struggling with the everyday financial strains and wanting the best education for their special needs child.



Our Mission and Vision


What we have learned from others becomes our own reflection.

Children with special needs can face many issues in getting an appropriate education. Some may need special educational services, while others may need modifications to make school accessible or medical assistance to make it safe.

We strive to assist and raise awareness throughout the community for the voices of these special needs children.



Monya Oosthuysen

Founder – Dream Star Foundation 

I am a mother of two daughters aged seven and twelve. I look at my eldest and realise how close we could have been to being parents of a special needs child with her being a premature baby of 31 weeks. I am qualified in inclusive Education and Training in Early Childhood Development, NQF Level 5. I have attended various workshops and courses that have enabled me to get an understanding of special needs children’s development and educational needs.

My love has always been for teaching and developing children’s needs and potentials. My passion came about when I taught at a special needs school where I gained a lot of knowledge and understanding for special needs children and what their parents go through on a daily basis. For me when I look at a Special needs child I see POSSIBILITY I see a future although challenging but reachable.

I have committed myself to the foundation to expose and grow the Dream Star Foundation to be able to assist as many families as possible to have their children in the best Special needs school that caters for their child’s specific needs and abilities. Creating a network for parents who may feel that they are alone and need a place to develop their children holistically.

Contact Monya:

Email: monya@dreamstarfoundation.co.za

Cell: 078-667-5581


Tinus  Oosthuysen

Vice- Chairman

Tinus Oosthuysen is in marketing and sales for a well-known timber company, bringing his marketing and networking skills to thefoundation. When his wife became passionate about changing the lives of special needs children and opened his eyes to the possibilities . Which most of society will shame or pity it made me want to assist, as I have 2 children of my own. I value the capabilities they have and I realise how fragile a life is and my understanding for what Special needs parents go through on a day to day basis of medical bills, specialised schooling, occupational therapy and the list goes on. The foundation is there to assist in one tiny but huge overall aspect. I have no other way of being able to help and this is the best way for me to contribute to these families.


Contact Tinus:

Email : tinus@dreamstarfoundation.co.za

Cell: 078-998-5476